A change of direction

Following on from my conversation with Sarah last week I make the decision to stop working with my collages and instead do a test print of some of my Iceland photography. I select three images and print them as a triptych on a single half-sheet of Fabriano 5.

The resulting prints are exciting, if far from technically perfect. I neglect to stop out the transparency edges, resulting in several errant edge marks and dotting around the print. This aside, I manage to get pretty accurate registration across the three prints and the images have a fascinating luminosity and a richness far beyond that of the original photography.

There is clearly a lot to master technically in terms of the CMYK print process. The images are richly saturated with the deep cyan pushing through the other colour layers, but on a technical this is more luck than judgement on my part, and I’m not sure how to take control of this depth – to move closer to or away from the original pinhole image.

Technical quandaries aside I am pleased with these prints. I am so glad I decided to look again at my Iceland photography, and also that screen print has brought captured something rich and new in them, that I’m not sure was there in the photo-etchings I had done previously at Spike Island. Undoubtedly the addition of colour, which plays on and enhances the incredibly enigmatic nature of the Icelandic night sun. The prints have captured the luminosity, but also the sense of isolation I felt when I was there.

As a composition I’m pretty sure this is nothing more than a test print. The images I’ve selected almost represent three separate strands of the photography I completed whilst I was there, with the airbase building image feeling very different from the silhouetted lighthouse and again from the more defined lighthouse image at the top.

Though I’m not sure exactly what the next step is, I feel like I am back on track, and excited by what comes next.