Atomic (circus?)


Today I work on the first print from my Oldbury photography trip. Technically the printing goes well – registration onto the black slab is relatively precise and the white negative layer has a chalk-like almost hand finished quality thanks to the fineness of the mesh.

The big mistake thought, is the addition of colour – namely the two tone rendering of the cooling tower – which gives the whole image a circus tent gaudiness which totally detracts from the sombre subject matter, and the ominous vignette that halos the image.

It feels like all I am accomplishing with the addition of colour to these prints, is a faux colourisation of the original black and white image, the colour isn’t adding any depth or richness to the image, as it did with the mini-prints. At the same time, the simpler white only prints lack depth, feeling more like chalk or pastel studies. They feel very surface and lacking the depth to draw the eye in.